Recent developments have seen businesses globally switch to a more “efficient” approach when it comes to handling customer service. Whether this is a change for the better can be argued extensively.

Many businesses have been cutting down on human contact with their customers – this is not just about the pandemic and in-person customer service. This extends to phone helplines and emails, and it is a source of deep frustration for many customers.

Imagine a scenario where you purchase a product/service from an established brand, and you discover it doesn’t work the way it should. You go online to find the company’s contact details (and probably spend longer than you’d like looking for their phone number). You call their customer service helpline and hear an automated response, telling you to press a series of numbers only to be put on hold for hours and hours.

With Mio Conferencing Solutions, you will never have to go through something so tedious and frustrating as above. We take a personalised, consultative approach to our customers, which means there will always be a human you can speak to when you need that extra level of support or simply just have a question. We want everyone using our services to know that if they need help, they can call us, and there will always be a human at the end of the line 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, each of our clients has their own dedicated account manager who will be there at every step of the way. Our account managers get to know their allocated client’s business, so they are aware of the client’s professional requirements, aims and objectives. What we offer, is in fact one of the best tailor-made online conferencing services, that approaches customer service with your business at the centre.

Nobody wants to spend hours getting frustrated. Customer service should be fast, easy, and personalised, no matter how small your issue or question may be. Every client deserves to be treated with priority – and this is what Mio wants to emphasise. We will always put you and your business first, when it comes to customer service and beyond.

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