You are outside, strolling along a quiet, sunny street. You can smell the blooming flowers and trees in the air and as you walk along the pavement you notice a bakery has a coffee and croissant deal which is exactly what you need to make your lunch break perfect. Doesn’t that sound idyllic? Now imagine that you look at your watch and realise that you are running late for a meeting. You need to get back to your desk for an important conference call. The croissants will have to wait for another day.

But what if you could do both? What if you could participate in your online conference but also get to enjoy your walk, changing all those months of indoor routine of lockdowns? What if you could get you coffee and croissant deal, sit on a bench and enjoy the day while staying productive?

With Mio Conferencing Solutions, that is entirely possible! Why not get the best of both worlds by putting your headphones on and dialling in to join the conference using your mobile phone or dial out to your participants on their phones? No more missing out on sunshine because you have to be stuck in front of your laptop. No more looking at your own face for hours on end. No more “video call fatigue”.

People are at a point in their lives right now, where they want a change. Working remotely has big plusses, but it is not without its negatives – it can become exhausting having to do non-stop video conferences and meetings, one after another. Sometimes, even a small change can help. Not every conference requires a laptop, and not every meeting requires a video call – which is why we invite people to try our dial-in/ dial-out service that makes it possible to join online gatherings using your mobile phone.

The dial-in/ dial-out feature of our online conferencing solutions will let you join any online meeting, anytime and anywhere. This means you will no longer be tied to your laptop or PC – you won’t even need the internet! You can go on a walk, stretch your legs, and enjoy the sun, and at the same time get stuff done. With us, you can really get the best of both worlds. Connect with Mio Conferencing Solutions and get work done wherever you are, any time of day.

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